Rod Handley

TGIW (Teaching God’s Infinite Wisdom) began as a men’s bible study during the summer of 2001 through a conversation between Dan Erickson (Founder & Chief Servant Leader of People Matter Ministries) and Rod Handley (Founder & President of Character That Counts). Though both men were known as nationally recognized speakers, they discovered they rarely spoke in the city where they lived. Their discussion resulted in the inaugural TGIW group held at a local restaurant in Lee’s Summit, Missouri on September 26, 2001, where 32 men participated. Many of these men continue to be regular attendees and key leaders within the ministry to this day.

By August 2002, it became apparent that TGIW was ready to expand as individuals from over 25 communities expressed an interest in learning more about TGIW. After prayer and consideration, Greg Griffin accepted the lead role of administrating the expansion of TGIW and currently serves as the Executive Director over the ministry. Today, many communities and churches are actively pursuing establishing TGIW groups throughout the nation. Sadly, today, many men find themselves traveling endless roads with no end in sight. There is a prevailing lack of real vision and purpose. Someone once said, “If you do not know where you are going…any road will take you there.”

Greg Griffin

Consequently, the result is a growing number of men who find themselves confused about their roles as husbands and fathers, who are unhappy and frustrated in their workplace, not being fulfilled in their church, as well as in desperate search for answers to the meaning of life. It is safe to say that many men have abdicated their responsibilities in many facets of their lives!

At TGIW, we believe the best way to reverse this trend is to help men grow into the men that God intended…a man of significance—a man of character and integrity…a man passionate for Christ. TGIW operates under the 501 (c) (3) covering of Character That Counts and is accountable to the CTC Board of Directors