"Therefore, confess your sins one to another…" James 5:16

Each of you should look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others. Phil. 2:4

Accountability is what separates TGIW from other similar men’s/women’s church bible studies. This is where the rubber meets the road! With all the many distractions we all have, it’s important to have continued Godly voices of reason and encouragement on this journey. However, this comes at an expensive price!


As we open up and share our most vulnerable areas in our life with an accountability partner, confidentiality is a very important attribute to uphold! Confidences must be ongoing one with another in order to maintain and grow a trustworthy dynamic. Relationships can be destroyed with breeching this covenant and could be a detriment to the TGIW group as a whole as well.


In order to maximize the entire “accountability” dynamic, an openness must be shared with your accountability partner. As we know, this comes with a risk in opening up our weaknesses, vulnerabilities, our past and current struggles, etc. with another person. But without full disclosure to your partner, the chances of you gaining a life-changing experience in drawing closer to the Lord is less likely to happen.

Tough Love

Most of us surround ourselves with people who we like, and like us as well. They are usually people who would agree with us or be somewhat lax in speaking truth in our life in order to spare feelings and emotions. However, true accountability comes with tough love. These are people who will speak truth in your circumstances and hold you to a higher level, a Godly standard. They are people who we’ll make privy to our vulnerabilities, where the devil may have his entry point into our lives. Tough love speaks to our difficult questions or circumstances and is always tempered with Godly direction and prayer. It entails not getting the answers we’re hopeful in hearing, but to be held to a higher standard to please the Lord and respond appropriately in our most vulnerable areas of our life.

TGIW’s goal is to produce Godly men and women of character and integrity who are imitators of Christ Ephesians 5:1.

At TGIW, we believe that the best way to reverse this trend is to help men and women grow into the person that God intended…a man/woman of significance—a man/woman of character and integrity…a man/woman passionate for Christ.